February 12, 2014


It’s here, the day I dreaded. I’m 365 days older; once again.


Being 22 was filled with much joy, though. I’ve learned a lot, like how to love and be loved, to remain steadfast in the midst of chaos, and to surrender more of myself so that Christ can finish the work in me.

My creativity has evolved so much! I’ve become more aware of my surroundings, of colors and palettes, of shapes and forms. For a second there I thought that the muse had forgotten about me, but she comes when one least expects her and she makes herself at home. I’ve welcomed her with open arms, embracing the uncomfortable contractions that come when you birth art. From the depths of my soul the breath of life has risen to whisper through what I create.

Alas, what a year! So grateful for my husband’s leadership and God’s unfailing love. I want to continue to reflect on all I’ve experienced, the laughter & tears, the brokenness & redemption. I don’t want to ever forget what it was like to be me at 22.



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  1. Brisni says:

    Happy birthday, beautiful. 🙂

  2. Happy belated birthday girl!!! Hope it was a great one, and I’m so happy to see you blogging a little bit again! I’ve missed your words =)