April 28, 2014

Denying Christ | Monday Meditation

When my heart wanders away from God I’m prone to worry. Peace and joy flee from me, or so it seems. It’s like I’m trapped in a sinking ship. It’s in those times that I feel far from Him. But seeking Him daily brings me back to where I belong. My devotional for today said this:

Help me to see that I deny you in so many areas of my life, in so many ways, and at so many different times during the day.
When I’m too busy to pray, I deny that you are the center of my life.
When I neglect your Word, I deny that you are competent to guide my life.
When I Worry, I deny that you are Lord of my circumstances.
When I turn my head from the hungry and the homeless, I deny that you are a God of mercy who has put me here to be your hands and feet.
When I steal something from another person to enrich or enhance my life—whether that be something material or some credit that is rightly due another, which I have claimed for myself–I deny that you are the source of all blessings.
Forgive, Jesus, for all those quiet ways, known only to you, that I have denied you. And thank you, most faithful of friends, that no matter how terribly I have failed you, I can always look into your eyes, and there find forgiveness…

Those words rescued me from my sinking ship and brought me safely to shore. 

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  1. Beautiful, and soul sweet words. Thanks for sharing them Ashley =)