June 19, 2014


I came across these words recently and they’ve really resonated within me. My husband and I have been really intentional about giving this year. Giving out of our needs has been challenging because we actually don’t make enough money to spare but, at the same time, has been the  most joyful thing we’ve done. We’ve supported a missionary in Honduras for the past six months (increasing the amount each month), help aid a church friend who was in a terrible car accident, contributed to two other mission trips, as well as responded to every graduation announcement we received. All of this while our hours got cut significantly and our bills increased. I say all of this not to get a pat on the back but to testify of the amazing blessing that comes when you give. I learned that out of my discomfort comes another’s comfort, that what I work for can bring peace to someone who lacks it, that what God gives to us financially goes a long, long way for someone else. And, at the end of it all, our bills are paid and we need not to fret. God ends up providing for us as we care for others. It’s a truly beautiful thing.
The first few months, I was a bit hesitant. But now, I just want to bless everyone I encounter. I’ve found myself praying this: “ok Lord, who do you want us to bless next? Open my eyes to see the need and go forth,” something I’ve never been eager to pray for. Through giving lives have changed, including my own. Giving has made me rich and I can only keep on giving. 

So please, take it from someone who used to have so little, give. Give until it makes you uncomfortable and then give some more. I’ve never been more rich than by giving.

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  1. Wonderful inspiration post, thank you for sharing!

  2. Amen Ashley! Challenging for sure, but always worth it.