April 21, 2015

Nose rings and faith

I have been wanting a nose ring since I went to India in 2013. I was working at a job that did not allow it, so I did not fret to get one immediately.  Things changed when I switched jobs recently and suddenly, the opportunity for a nose ring arose. The questioned I asked myself was, “But why? What for? What’s the purpose?” I began to lift it up in prayer (as I do with every little thing in my life because I rather err in the side of being overly spiritual than not). God did not say much about it. He did not say “YES! Go do it!” nor did He say “No, don’t.” Getting pierced was not something God was asking me to do and I understood its irrelevancy at that point.

I began to search for the historical meaning of nose rings and I started asking the women in my life if it would offend them if I got my nose pierced. I found out that nose rings were the original engagement rings of back in the day and that the Bible does make mention of them (Ezekiel 16:22; Genesis 24:47, etc..). I also read this blog post, which proved to be helpful in solidifying my decision. So, I began to pray for God to point in the right direction as to which piercing place to go, hoping a divine story could come out of it. He answered my prayer but there was nothing out of the ordinary about that day except for the fact that I had a nose ring. 

So why did I get a nose ring? Well, long story short, as a symbol of submission. God has been teaching me humility, patience, being blameless, forgiving those who desire evil for my life, loving unconditionally and surrendering my desires. None of those things come easy unless I willingly submit to what the Lord is asking of me in that given moment or day. I can deny, reject Him and ignore His promptings or I can submit, surrender and do as He says. Most of the time, what He asks of me is uncomfortable, challenging or something I just don’t feel like doing and that’s hard as well as painful. Oh but what joy awaits! The pain is forgettable and quick in light of the abundant life I get to experience thereafter! What beautiful reward comes from obedience! It is a jewel and a treasure, an adornment to my soul. And that’s what I never want to forget about my Groom, the one who crowns my head.

“And I put a ring on your nose and earrings in your ears and a beautiful crown on your head.” —Ezekiel 16:22

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  1. hands down the best nose ring story i’ve ever read. my parents would die if i got a nose ring (and i’m not sure i would anyways, haha) but if i did, i would so love a story behind it like this.
    absolutely love your heart for hearing His words!