July 25, 2015

The Poor Porker, Lakeland FL | Saturdates

I live for Saturdays. There’s nothing like the opportunity to sleep in until 8 am, cuddling with the hubs, having a big breakfast and spending time with Zeus and Avena. This is the highlight of my week and I am grateful for every minute of it! And then, of course is the fact that The Poor Porker is open and their powdered, puffy creations are waiting for me. Luckily, I have a husband who knows the way to my heart and makes a fun date out of our trip to beignets.

This post is not sufficient to rave about Jarrid and Robyn’s delicious delicacies. They are constantly adding new creations to their beignets menu (my favorite is The Pog: guava and house made passion fruit curd) as well as their campfire coffee. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of the chicory, smokey coffee but their cold brew is pretty good. But, what is really my favorite part of The Poor Porker? Mama Bones. This feisty, sassy lady is most likely the one taking your order, and while she’s taking it, she’s probably embarrassing Robyn in the process with some crazy story. She’s hilarious! Visiting The Poor Porker is definitely a unique beignet experience but it will keep you coming back. 

p.s. You can catch a few other non-beignet pastries from The Poor Porker at Concord Coffee.

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