July 29, 2015

Jessica + Colt | Lakeland, FL Engagement

Is it me, or does this couple belong in the cover of some fashion magazine? They are stunning!

Jessica and Colt have a magnetic attraction that’s visible to anyone around them. They met on a layover flight in Texas and that was the beginning of their romance. They got engaged about a month ago and their wedding is in October. They love to laugh, flirt and steal kisses from each other. As a photographer, sometime it can be quite challenging to create an environment in which the couple I am photographing can unfold intimately, but this lovely couple made it all too easy. I picked a new location to begin their session, since Jessica and Colt just moved from LA, and I wanted to capture them in a more “urban” setting. They trusted me with going to an abandoned factory that laid in ruins and the results are beyond what I could’ve imagined. 

Jess, Colt—Thank you! You guys were troopers in the midst of hot weather and humidity and rockstars when I would ask you to stop randomly in crazy places because the lighting was all too perfect to ignore. I hope you enjoy the images and the experience of this special day.

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