May 8, 2016

The Harvey Family

My husband and I love the Harvey family very much. We’ve only known them for a little over a year but they have the ability to make anyone feel a part of their family. They are generous with their time, delicious Jamaican goods, and food. They are always trying to get us to take some of the food they prepare! It doesn’t help that Michelle cooks like no one else. Joel always has the funniest stories about the kids and has us laughing on the floor most of the time. I have so much appreciation for this family that it wasn’t a question when they asked me to take pictures of her family. It was fun to see the images reflect how much fun we had during this session.

Happy Mother’s Day to every single woman out there who constantly loves on their kids.
You’re a fighter, the strong one, and we don’t take that for granted.

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