August 4, 2016

Creating an Inspiring Workspace | For Photographers

After spending so much time behind the computer editing, emailing & blogging, your workspace can feel a little uninspiring. Let’s face it, as creatives we are constantly needing that extra something to carry us through the day—a little inspiration that turns into our encouragement. I have rounded up a few of my favorite things that make a difference in my workspace. It doesn’t matter if you work from a office in a loft somewhere or on your kitchen table, these tips will help you.

Invest in Yourself – Inspiration starts with you. Become a morning person if you’re not one already. Take 20 minutes to pray or read a devotional in the morning. Then, journal 3 things you’re grateful for. When you begin your day with gratitude and with an open heart, you can push through anything your day brings. Avoiding social media first thing when you wake up is the best thing you can do for yourself as well. Your state of being influences your work, so start your day right!

Invest in Organization – I have struggled to own my office because I did not see the value in investing in organization. Having a clean office, a filing cabinet & a workflow checklist has made me a more effective photographer. When there’s a place for everything, you can access it with ease. I can’t stress it enough! Buy a binder and organize your receipts & contracts. If you have a bigger workspace, invest in a filing cabinet. Having a file for each of my brides is such a relief when I’m checking their status and what is left for me to do. Another important tip: have a planner! Options are endless when it comes to planners/calendars so there’s no excuse on not using one. I couldn’t decide between a planner that said “Plans for World Domination in 2017” and the one pictured above, I figured the former was a little too aggressive for my taste 🙂

Invest in Aromatherapy – Never underestimate the power of scents. I own a Essential Oil Diffuser/Humidifier that I use everyday because the Neo Hippy within me refuses to die. My EO collection has grown over the years, so I’m able to switch between blends depending on my mood. However, I love candles! When I’m feeling nervous before a shoot, this little Lavender soy candle pictured above comes to the rescue. These little tin jar candles are under $4 at stores like Marshall’s/HomeGoods/TJMaxx so it’s a fairly inexpensive alternative to EO diffusers. When you walk into your workspace and there’s a fragrant scent greeting you, a smile will be inevitable.

Invest in your Workflow – If you follow me on twitter, you probably were one of those who participated in one of my polls. You are not alone when it comes to developing a system & a workflow for your creative work. If you have a system in place, you can streamline your clients effectively because you’re not missing a thing. This in turn, gives your clients confidence in you and you don’t have to stay up all night wondering what details have to be completed. 

Invest in what you Listen to – Photographers spend a lot of time behind the computer, it’s inevitable! That doesn’t mean you can’t be productive while doing a mind numbing task. Podcasts aren’t long and can bring encouragement & inspiration while you browse through your email inbox or edit images. I’m loving the Coffee Commute for The Rising Tide Society. And if I’m not listening to a podcast, I have my iTunes Radio on the Electronic/Chill.

For Photographers is a section on the blog that’s geared to female photographers who want to grow their business and find stability in their craft. This section was created to inspire you, encourage you and support your business. Feel free to suggest topics and ask questions by contacting me. Discussion is always encouraged because this is your community. New posts will be available every first Thursday of the month.

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