March 10, 2017

801 Main/Poor Porker, Lakeland, FL | Florida Film Takeover 12

I stumbled upon Florida Film Takeover by accident. It had been 7 months since I had incorporated film into my business and I was needing inspiration and interaction with other photographers. Don’t get me wrong—I love what I do but spending hours behind a computer doing taxes, scheduling blog spots and editing is isolating. This was my second time with the group but it was the first time I had left my digital camera at home and shooting BW film since 2009. I shot 4 rolls in an hour and spent an amazing time meeting cool new people that know how to have fun.

Here’s a little bit more about the group:
“We exist to cultivate an atmosphere of community and an attitude of inclusion. Whether you are just beginning, or have years of experience with film (or photography in general), FFT is a place for you to practice this medium, hone your craft and above all, meet people and make new friends. So whether you shoot Canon or Nikon or Fuji, Contax or Pentax, VSCO or Mastin, Portra or 400H, or simply your iPhone, join us for the love of Photography, Our State, and it’s People. “

I love being a part of community over competition!

Canon EOS 3 | Fuji 400h, Ultramax 400, Kodak Plus 125, Tri-X 400
Scanned locally + The FIND Lab
Prints available for purchase here
Location: 801 Main, Lakeland, FL

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