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When Your Best Friends Decide to Marry Each Other | Surprise Proposal in Lakeland, Florida


June 22, 2017


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Imagine stepping into a real life Instagram gallery with photographs of every date you’ve been to with your boyfriend. That’s exactly what Alex did for Kristen. They documented their dates on a disposable camera and when the time came to pop the question, Alex knew he’d make a museum out of their love.  They both took my class last year in which I taught composition principles with a disposable camera. This is the inspiration behind the whole idea and why I didn’t hesitate to document their proposal, even though I don’t do them often (this is just my second time being a photo ninja! Hiiijaahh-click!).

I’ve known Alex and Kristen their entire college career, for the most part. They’re about to finish their Master’s degrees in December so, I’d say they’ve been around for a while. My husband and I would often go to Disney with them because they were are only friends with Disney Annual Passes but they had made it very clear they were not interested in each other (and never would be, so they claimed). Heck! We even road tripped to Nashville together and they still weren’t interested in each other. Little did everyone know that would change in a few months from that trip.

Alex began to pursue Kristen last summer. She said no. Then said no again. And then again, no. Alex refused to give up. They went out on dates, but Kristen friend zoned him hard. Deep down she knew that God was doing something bigger and she did not want to resist that. And so, she fell hard for Alex and they officially began dating in February. Given that they’ve actually been friends for 5 years, it seemed that putting a ring on it was the proper thing to do. So in June 14th, he asked and she said YES. And now our best friends are marrying each other.

As always, thank you to The FIND Lab for getting the scans developed just in time for the proposal, you guys are my favorite lab! And congratulations Kristen and Alex! 

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