September 22, 2017

Desvísteme | A Lesson in Femininity: a photo essay

Nothing makes me feel more comfortable in my skin than clothing it. You can wear just about any fabric on your skin but it doesn’t always feel like you’re you. I learned a few things from my short (more like 7 years) modeling career, one of them being that either the clothes wear the model or the model wears the clothes—a bold outfit could make you disappear. I don’t know about you but I want to be seen, not hide behind what I wear. I make fashion mistakes all the time because of it—there’s a need within me to break free. Clothing is the vehicle to do just that.

I have had the opportunity to work with Raney for two years now. Her clothing makes me feel beautiful, sexy, happy—you know, truly feminine. I wore her pieces before I was pregnant, during pregnancy and again while I was breastfeeding. In fact, they rolled me away from the hospital with my daughter in my arms wearing Rane Made! The clothes she makes fits every body type and can be accessorized to fit any kind of style.  Feeling feminine influences every part of who you are: how you think, feel and do. I’m not trying to convince you to buy her stuff because that’s a no brainer; what I’m trying to do is convince you to give thought to what you wear and share your story.

The following images convey the process of putting on clothes and taking them off.  
Desvísteme means undress me.
Tell me, when you undress, do you feel feminine or are you hiding?
Do yourself a favor and shop Rane Made

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