November 4, 2017

Kristen comes to visit | A Mini Series | FL + Destination Film Photographer

I’m an advocate for personal projects which have real direction and allow you as a photographer to explore your emotions, desires, and fears.” —Jonathan Canlas

I am such a fan of personal work. I wasn’t always but I see the need now. You can get all caught up on shooting for others that you forget to see your own world with fresh eyes. This is my second post on this mini series, with the kind of simplicity I can handle during my busy season. When people visit me, I photograph them. I always have a few rolls that need to be finished, so if you want some portraits, come visit.

This is Kristen. She watches This Is Us at our house so she visits on a weekly basis. This was taken on her day off, with noonday sun. Under my direction she wore a bun on her head and a dress from my closet. You’d think I’d planned this all along but it was actually all spontaneous choices.

Location: Home, yo!
Kodak Portra 400 on the EOS 3 + Mamiya 645
Processing: The FIND lab


see when Jess comes to visit.

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