November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Kenzie Packrall Photography

Kenzie Packrall Photography

I have a necklace from afrolunatika that reads, “Si lloras por lo que no tienes, no podrás sonreir por lo que te rodea”. The translation is this: If you cry for the things you don’t have, you’ll never find joy in what already surrounds you. I’ve been meditating on this. So what if we don’t travel to Europe or can’t splurge on the things on our wish list! Just because I don’t have it now doesn’t mean I never will. One day I’m going to die (I apologize for being so morbid) and those things won’t matter. So why fret? Instead, I’m going to choose to bask in the presence of the ones I love. I get to spend another Thanksgiving with my Mamí and my Lita, something I am beyond excited in light of what has happened in Puerto Rico.

I’m giving thanks for life, for health and for the wisdom to embrace where I am.

What a gift!

Happy Thanksgiving friends, may your day be full of love (and a happy tummy).

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