December 12, 2017

The McMahan’s | Mulberry, FL Family Session

When we moved to Mulberry about 5 years ago, people thought we were nuts. After all, this town couldn’t offer us anything. But the Lord placed us here and we decided to make the most of it. We were generous when others stole from us, we were grateful when we felt like complaining, we came alongside artists and encouraged them, we were kind when we experienced persecution. We built a community out of thin air! Unity didn’t just happen in this city, we made it happen. We’ve prayed for God to send more faithful servants to this town and this family has been an answer to our prayers.

The McMahan are not strangers to this town, they both graduated from Mulberry High (hello high school sweethearts). But for such a time as this, they have felt called to come back to Mulberry and spread the message of a greater hope. They were gracious enough to invite me to their home and allow me to document the beginnings of this new season they are in. For one, they just welcomed baby Zander a month ago. It’s not a coincidence that his birth coincides with the launch of Greater Hope. If you’re looking for a place to belong, stop by their Sunday service. God has so much in store for the McMahan’s this year, I’m happy I’ve had the chance to witness a little of what’s to come. They are encouragement and testament of God’s faithfulness!

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