February 9, 2018

The Wedding Photographer Styling Kit | For Photographers

the wedding photographer styling kit | Ashley Holstein photography.jpg

Being a wedding photographer means I have a game plan on how to tell a couple’s story. I like to keep it simple with their details because less truly is more, which is where my styling kit comes into play.

The first thing I noticed when I started doing weddings was that brides would forget their details the day of! They’d get so overwhelmed by a million different things so rather than assuming they would bring the cute hangers and little trays themselves, I decided I would serve them best by having a styling kit of my own. I’m so excited to be sharing my wedding styling kit with you today!

I have to mention that I take inspiration from each couple’s love story, wedding venue and overall feel of their day. That determines what, if any, item on the styling kit is used. With that said, I don’t always use what I bring—it truly depends on the couple! Some have their own carefully curated styling kit they have chosen to be photographed, others don’t. Personally, I like to play with the details and have fun styling them. It’s such a fun surprise when my brides get the images back because often they don’t see me photographing the details and have no idea I use little things to tell their story.

styling kit with apron and pillowcases inside bag camera | Ashley Holstein Photography.jpg

My styling kit can be found in a floral rolling bag. It’s technically my camera bag when I travel since it meets the requirements for overhead compartments. There’s an Oatmeal and Lace custom apron I wear when my dresses don’t have pockets and the Hold Fast Moneymaker Camera Strap. This is just gear and not really “styling” material but it gives you a glimpse of my most used items on a wedding day. Another thing to note is that when I travel, I will take pillowcases and pieces of fabric instead of the styling boards since they make great surfaces when traveling.

styling bag kit camera ribbons bride and groom stamps | Ashley Holstein Photography.jpg

Bride Tip: If you’re a bride that cares about details, have the conversation with your wedding photographer about it! Not every photographer owns a styling kit so please make sure you communicate your expectations with details (no pun intended!).
Don’t have a wedding photographer yet? I’d be honored to be considered!

styling bag camera hanger ring dish pillowcase | Ashley Holstein Photography.jpg

Wedding Photographer Style Kit favorites:

  1. Ribbon [The Poetry of Silk, Nettle Textiles, froufrou chic]
  2. Styling Surfaces [Heirloom Bindery, Pilgrim & CoSimply Rooted, Pillowcases]
  3. Ring Boxes [Amonie Ring Boxes, Weft and Whimsy, The Mrs. Box]
  4. Stamps [Vintage Postage Shop, Postal Service,  thrift stores]
  5. Lens Wipes
  6. Hangers [Wood Hangers, Personalized Hangers, Bespoke Hangers]
  7. Command Hooks
  8. Trays [thrifted]
  9. Ring Dishes [local potter, Marbella Dish]
  10. Organizer for the ribbon and ring boxes pictured above.
  11. Carry On Camera Bag and Used Film Pouch




I’m a firm believer that it’s the little things that count! You could make your styling kit bigger or stripped down depending on your artistic voice. I like to keep it as basic as possible for integrity’s sake. The previous examples are just a few from my most recent work.
Join me next week for an insider’s look to my camera gear.

I’d love to keep the conversation going, do you have a favorite item in your styling kit? Did you find my post helpful? Leave a comment below!

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