June 11, 2018

Don’t Mess with Texas Women

I should’ve visited San Antonio, Texas years ago. Husband’s maternal family is from there and we wanted to visit his great-grandmother, the woman who wore the ring that is now my wedding ring. She passed the year we got married so the urgency to go went the day she passed. That changed this year when I attended the Hybrid Co. I fell in love with the golden sunsets, the beautiful flowers that grow by the side of the road and the untouched scenery around us. I even got to see deer in the wild, just a few feet away from me. But more than all the beautiful things Texas had to offer, I got to learn the stories of Louis’ ancestors and touch their faces in photographs. I never get tired of unboxing old photographs, passed down by generations to keep their memories alive.

Our daughter was a rockstar during this trip. She did great on the plane and when we landed, all she wanted was to walk everywhere. That’s the stage she is in, so we respected it and allowed her to explore with us.

Something I’m doing different this year is elevating my personal work. I’m shifting to film as much as I can since it allows me to be in the moment and move on. It’s risky, it’s honest, and I’m able to chase the moment I’m in instead of attempting to create it/curate it/perfect it. These were all taken with Portra 400 & Fuji C200.

I’d love to go back to Texas and explore some more! If you’re getting married there or want me to photograph your family, get in touch with me and let’s make it happen!

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