June 28, 2018


Knowing Sheila is a reflection of her art: pure joy.
I came across her work over Instagram. She had reached out about doing a branding session for her work and I couldn’t refuse! My husband and I are avid art collectors and her work spoke to us. I currently have two pieces created by her, Que No Se Enteren Las Flores which is her response piece to hurricane María in Puerto Rico last year, and Grace, featured in her most recent exhibit at the Mulberry Cultural CenterThe Language of Creation.

Sheila, like me, is part of the Puerto Rican diaspora. We relate to each other in so many levels, she’s my soul sister! She has a way of taking experiences and transforming them into art. Because of this, I invited her to the photography workshop I hosted in April. She did some therapeutic art exercises to help us lay a foundation of clarity before diving deep into marketing, business and other technicalities.

Like I said before, Sheila is a light of pure joy! Do yourself a favor and check her out. Let her work speak to who you are.










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To purchase one of her paintings, click here. To check out more of her work, see it here.

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