July 20, 2018

The Johnson Family

There are photographers that shy away from photographing big groups of people. I’m not one of them. Blame it on me being an only child or whatever, but the bigger the families, the happier I am. And if you have 10 kids, I’m the gal who wants to photograph your family. Let me tell you, juggling 12 people in front of my lens is not easy, it’s actually chaotic. But to know the Johnson’s is to know the most joyful kind of chaotic. I left my session being ministered by them instead of them being ministered by me.

This family has experienced God in ways not many of us will. Mom and dad met in Burundi. Then they decided to adopt. They were going to stop at one but God kept tugging their hearts. Every single one of them is a miracle. Some of them were adopted with diseases that would plague the rest of their lives but God healed them miraculously. They still live half of the time in Burundi but I was grateful to have them here for such a time as this, to preserve their legacy.

Thank you Johnson family for all the laughter that day. If you guys think of adding another member to the family, consider me please 🙂








Kodak Portra 400 and HP5
Processing: The FIND lab

For those curious, I did this session in under an hour. Yep, quick and painless.
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