November 28, 2018

When Clients Find Me | Lake Mirror Family Session

People find me in a million different ways. If I’m honest, I’m struggling to keep up.
3 years ago, people found me through Instagram. This was before Facebook changed the algorithm and hashtags actually worked. Literally, every client at the beginning of my business booked me just by following my Instagram. Flash forward to the now and you’ll find that while I still use Instagram, I have changed the way I approach it. Instead of being the main way I book clients it is now the way I share tidbits of my life and reflections of being a mompreneur. It still an extension of my brand but it plays a different role. Anyways, I say all this because the way people find me nowadays is so fascinating to me!

The family you see below found me through (my guilty pleasure) Lakeland Mom blog. This is the place to get updated news on what’s going on in Lakeland: from family activities happening in Polk County to getting insider info on new restaurants coming to town. I love this blog so much! So when they reached out to me to showcase what I do I had to say HECK YEAH!

Can I be honest? I had no clue that people could find me there. I was just happy to be linked with a blog I read on a daily basis. I cannot express enough gratitude to April for connecting with me and sending me amazing clients!
One thing is for sure: when clients find me, magic always happens.
Enjoy this session from Saturday.

I’m curious…If I have photographed you before, will you share your story on how you first learned about my work in the comments below? Your comments make me happier than ice cream on a warm sunny day.

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