December 4, 2018

Legacy Clients | Family Session in Wauchula, Florida

Family sessions are quickly becoming my most sought-after session. I put so much effort on making mom look beautiful, making dad happy to be there and getting the kids to have fun. Cause you know, I do family portraits every year and I know all the madness that happens right before a session: toddler falls to the ground only to emerge with a boo-boo on their face, dad is already dragging his feet to have a positive attitude, mom is narrowing down outfits while simultaneously bribing the kids with treats if they behave. I know this ALL. TOO. WELL. So when I jump out of the car to greet my clients I always affirm and encourage them. If I’m honest, I want a little bit of that chaos to be evident in my images.

But Ashley, why on earth would you want that? Because I want to capture your NOW.

Yes, I will get the traditional picture of everyone smiling at the camera—that’s the reason you hired me. But I will also get images that visually represent your family because I’m after the images that feel like home, the ones that bring peace when life gets out of control, the nostalgia that bubbles up when you see the togetherness in the photos. How often do we get the opportunity to be seen, heard, loved and accepted in this world? Not often outside of our families. I cherish that. I pursue it with all my heart. And if my clients aren’t moved by the truth I capture in my work, I don’t deserve to be called a photographer. If you want to get your family in front of my lens, all you have to do it hit me up.

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