May 5, 2019

To All The Mother’s I’ve Ever Met

Ashley Holstein Photography | Maternity Session | Lakeland Family Photographer | Film Maternity SessionAshley Holstein Photography | Maternity Session | Lakeland Family Photographer | Film Maternity Session

Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother.

The defining moment of my life came the day I became a mother. My purpose in life took a turn and I have never been the same. I was fortunate to have an incredible mother myself. Her mother, and her mother’s mother have deeply impacted me in ways I am still learning to speak about. It was taking a picture my great-grandmother Lucía with a disposable camera that launched me into this career at age 10. I wouldn’t be where I am without a Mother.

This is why I’m providing opportunities to honor the special women in your life who fit the definition of Motherhood. They pour out comfort, endless love, encouragement and words of wisdom to needy hearts. Cherish them this year by giving them the gift of photography, an opportunity to fall in love with their lives in a way the refreshes them from the chaos of every day living.

If you have done a photography session with me before

There is currently a 40% off sale happening until May 13th. Log in to your gallery to see the discount. This sale includes our newest product the photo locket. Something to hold and pass on to future generations.

If you have never done a photography session with me before

One hour Family Story Sessions are now 10% off when you book by May 13th. Contact me to schedule your session. This is a gift you never regret. If you want to make use of this sale but use the session at a later date, Gift Cards are available! Makes for the perfect Mother’s Day gift the day of.

If you are a busy mom wanting a few updated images of your kids

Spring Minis are the perfect choice for you! Click here to book your spot. All the details you need to know to make the most of out a mini session is provided in the previous link.

Get in touch with me if you’re wanting to show appreciation on Mother’s Day through the gift of a photo session. I promise that she will be blessed for years to come because of it.

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