August 28, 2019

Padilla Family | Bayamón, Puerto Rico

I’ve known the Padilla family since I was in the second grade. Mari & I graduated together after attending the same school for 10 years. We have continued to be in each other’s lives since. I had the incredible opportunity to photograph her family in December, the first time the whole tribe was able to be together in the same place after a few years. They are the kind of people who serve faithfully, extend kindness often and enjoy surprising each other all the time. Their legacy of love continues to live on through generations! I’m blessed to know them and honored to have been able to capture them!

Mari ended up surprising her grandparents with an album of our session together and she was able to take it to them in P.R. Needless to say, they loved the memories we made together!

Do you have a family reunion coming soon? I’d love to capture your family.
Let’s make it happen!

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