April 24, 2020

The #FrontPorchProject

In an effort to do good and share it with our community during the pandemic, the #FrontPorchProject was born. This was not about making a profit, it was about helping to make a difference. And what a perfect opportunity to document families at home than now? Proceeds went to KidsPACK, an organization that works tirelessly to feed kids in our community. They faced the threat of empty shelves one week in the Stay-At-Home order which is crazy to think as they have a massive warehouse. I knew this would be the perfect organization for the project. Together with 12 families, we raised $100+ for KidPACK.

I practiced CDC guidelines by standing at least 6 feet away from each porch while photographing each family. My goal was to capture families in a state of being. “What would it look like to pass by these houses? What would I see? How would these families interact?” I did my best to answer these questions during our 5 minutes or so together. After all, these are the friendly faces we pass by at the grocery store or post office. Something I never want to take for granted again.

Forever grateful for each family who partnered with me during this time.
Thank you Photovision for staying open amidst delays and scanning all the film.
And to you, photographer, I hope this post inspires you to do amazing things during hard times.

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