December 1, 2020

Intimate Bohemian Wedding in Orlando

Thrifted Wedding Dress Bohemian Wedding in Orlando Florida

Courtney invited me to her intimate backyard wedding in Orlando two months prior to the actual date. She shared her story with me. Jesus involved in all of it—in a beautiful, redemptive way—the catalyst for the union. There are so many intricate details about how God worked through her and James, I couldn’t help but say Yes.
I was meeting her to say I couldn’t take her wedding, that my calendar was jam-packed and closed until 2021.
But I was moved and knew that I was meant to take part in her celebration, that I too, needed to witness God in her life. Even the rain held back in wonder as these two exchanged vows amongst family and friends.
I flew from Nashville to be there for them, tears falling from my eyes with overwhelming joy.
A true testament of what is yet to come for them.
If you like music, you’re better with the slideshow version.
Vintage Antique Ring Box Wedding Bohemian Orlando Florida

Vintage Antique Ring Box Wedding Bohemian Orlando Florida

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