January 16, 2022

The Key to Stress-Free Family Sessions

Can we all agree that planning a photo session with your family has to be one of the most chaotic activities to be a part of? Yes, you are reading this right now because you want a stress-free session. And yes, it’s possible.

With family sessions, I aim for happy, calm and fun energy.
Here are my tips to ensure a stress-free experience:

Outfits? keep it simple.

I recommend picking a simple color palette of three or four complementary colors when it comes to outfits. You can never go wrong with neutrals and soft pastels! While some of my muses will purchase outfits for the session, most of them will wear what they already own from their closet. Do not stress about what you will wear! This is your friendly reminder that this session is about the beautiful connections between you and your tribe, not what you’re wearing. Keep it simple and wear something you feel comfortable in!

Set an expectation of fun.

When you set the expectation that you’re stepping in front of the camera to be together and have fun, smiling becomes contagious. I come prepared with games and prompts to make the moment memorable, especially when young children are involved. Kids bring a lot of energy to a session and I’m not afraid to use that energy to create special moments. Kids will drag their feet if the session is boring and stiff. That’s what I call the perfect recipe for a tantrum. Let’s avoid that by letting them know that the person in front of the camera is there to capture how playful everyone can be.

Don’t forget the after party!

Mamas, you want to know my favorite tip to have eager husbands and well behaved kids during a session, you know, without bribery? Reward them with a fun tradition! Go do something fun after the session. Ice cream after a session is popular among my muses. My family goes out for a special dinner after our yearly session but it doesn’t have to be food-related! Think about what your family enjoy doing and go do that. You won’t have to trick your kids into smiling because they will be already thinking about ice cream before the session happen 😉

And that’s it! All that’s left to do is smile, relax and have fun during the session. Hire someone you can trust and has the skills to make the session memorable. While I can’t promise you that every photographer has the vision and artistry I bring to a session, I can assure you that these tips are universal. When you book a session with me, you receive a portrait session guide with more of my favorite tips on how to make the session successful.

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